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First transfemoral mitramaze® mitral valve repair system with atraumatic anchoring.

Mitral valve

Mitral regurgitation is one of the most common structural heart valve diseases and with a prevalence of up to 3% in the general population affects millions of people worldwide*.

In a healthy state, the mitral valve controls blood flow between the left atrium and left ventricle, allowing blood to enter the ventricle in diastole (filling phase), and preventing back flow in systole (contraction phase).
 The valve has two leaflets, being held in position by papillary muscles. Chordae tendineae are connecting the mitral leaflets with the papillary muscles of the left ventricle itself.

Mitral regurgitation

Functional mitral regurgitation (fMR) occurs when an enlarged left ventricle prevents the valve sealing completely. Patients with fMR suffer from severe symptoms, such as dyspnea and impaired exercise tolerance, and face an increased mortality risk. Until recently, many patients with severe fMR were excluded from standard surgical mitral valve treatment options due to advanced age or comorbidities.

*Source: Nkomo VT, Gardin JM, Skelton TN, Gottdiener JS, Scott CG, Enriquez-Sarano M. Burden of valvular heart diseases: a population-based study. Lancet 2006;368: 1005 – 1011.

1. healthy mitral valve

Mitral valve closes properly when the heart pumps out blood. No regurgitation occurs.

2. functional mitral regurgitation

Mitral valve does not fully close. Regurgitation of blood back into the left atrium occurs.

"In the case of the mitramaze® valve repair system, a straightforward and time preserving transfemoral approach combined with a high usability will be key to ensure wide acceptance among physicians and patients."

− Prof. Till Neumann, CMO / CSO & inventor of mitramaze®


Our company‘s mitramaze® valve repair system is designed to prevent the backflow of blood in fMR which is caused by enlargement of the heart due to heart attack or heart failure.

The unique features of the mitramaze® valve repair system concept are threefold and reside in its enhanced coaptation design, its exclusive and flexible spacer and a customized delivery catheter system specifically designed for the transfemoral arterial approach, delivery and implantation of the device. Upon release on site in the beating heart, the self-expanding implant design allows for an atraumatic anchoring in the left atrium without the need to include adjacent myocardial tissue structures. The technology’s potential for a less invasive procedure and long-term clinical performance are key points expected to drive demand for mitramaze®.

Disclaimer: The mitramaze® spacer implant and the mitramaze® transfemoral delivery system are not available for commercial distribution and currently under development.

The founders of coramaze:
Dr. Laura Figulla and Prof. Till Neumann

“coramaze stands out in the highly competitive transcatheter mitral repair environment with a device design that allows not only a minimally-invasive , but truly transfemoral implantation and atraumatic anchoring”

– Laura Figulla (CEO)


Munich, Germany | April 28, 2016

Interview with Laura Figulla on

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Munich, Germany | September 01, 2015

coramaze technologies raises € 4.5 million to advance novel transfemoral mitral valve repair system into the clinic.

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Essen, Germany | May 22, 2014

ZukunftErfindenNRW – first prize in category life sciences.

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Dr. Laura Figulla, MBA

Dr. Laura Figulla, MBA

CEO / Managing Director

Prior to the founding of coramaze, Laura was employed for 8+ years in the life sciences team of one of the top global management consulting companies with a strong medical devices focus. Laura brings expertise in innovation management, business strategy and financial management. She holds a masters degree in Management and Accounting, and an interdisciplinary PhD in health economics.

Stefan Menzl, Dipl. El.-Ing. ETH

Stefan Menzl, Dipl. El.-Ing. ETH


Stefan joined the management team of coramaze in late 2015. He brings in 15+ years experience in the EU and US medical device industry and a proven track record in developing cutting-edge technologies and innovative products. He held various management positions at smaller and leading medical device industry companies.

Prof. Till Neumann, MD, MBA

Prof. Till Neumann, MD, MBA

Chief Scientific & Medical Officer

Besides further advancing the medical development of the mitramaze® valve repair system, Till served as Senior Physician at the Western German Heart Center of the University Duisburg-Essen. The idea for the breakthrough technology is based on his sound expertise in interventional cardiovascular therapies and the product pipeline.

Autumn Dawn Lang, Ph.D., RAC

Autumn Dawn Lang, Ph.D., RAC

VP Regulatory & Clinical Affairs

For over 15 years, Autumn has achieved as the clinical affairs member of innovative medical device teams commercial objectives and goals. Within her operational experience in the medical device industry and as independent consultant she has successfully led many global projects in demanding healthcare environments to meet the increased requirements of these commercial markets and their corresponding health authorities.

"We expect that this market will develop into a multi-billion dollar opportunity. coramaze is our first investment in Europe and we are looking forward to supporting the company’s approach with our expertise and strong network."

− Ari Bronshtein, CEO Elron Electronic Industries


Dr. Laura Figulla

Dr. Laura Figulla

CEO / Managing Director, coramaze technologies

Nico Hemmann

Nico Hemmann

Senior Investmentmanager, SeedCapital Dortmund

Dr. Zvika Slovin

Dr. Zvika Slovin

Elron Electronic Industries

Dr. Christoph Kausch

Dr. Christoph Kausch

CEO, MTIP MedTech Innovation Partners AG

Ari Bronshtein

Ari Bronshtein

CEO, Elron Electronic Industries

Dr. Marianne Mertens

Dr. Marianne Mertens

Investmentmanager, High-Tech Gründerfonds


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